The Story of the Lion


The concrete lions that welcome westbound traffic onto the Lions Gate Bridge were crafted at Ital Decor in Burnaby, British Columbia for the opening of the bridge in the 1930s.

The bridge, named for the two North Shore mountain peaks, affectionately known as “The Lions”, created a link to North and West Vancouver, forever changing the face of the region.

When the bridge was reconstructed, at the beginning of the new millennium, small replicas of the lion were made for the new overpass leading to Prospect Point.

Pam Ryan, our president, worked on the Lions Gate project for several years, serving as spokesperson and media contact. The project solidified her love of transportation and was the catalyst for her to launch Lucent Strategies.

“Leo”, a memento from the project, sits proudly in our boardroom. Like the Lions Gate Bridge itself, Leo serves as a symbol of gratitude, connection to the past and as a reminder to always move forward.