Salmon, Denim and Pixie Powder


In summer 2012, Lucent was the proud sponsor of three Harbour seals rescued by the Vancouver Aquarium. The Lucent team was invited to the Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre’s Open House in August and fell for Salmon, Denim and Pixie Powder, three newly-rescued seals at the Centre.

The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMR) rescues ill, injured, or abandoned marine mammals and rehabilitates them before releasing them back to their natural habitat, and educates the public on how to respond to apparently stranded or diseased marine mammals. With the help of their many dedicated volunteers, the Centre is able to rescue over 150 animals every year!

Through the MMR’s adoption program, Lucent Strategies and its employees sponsored the three seals. The donations provided through the adoption process go towards the costs of medication, veterinary care, animal food, and other costs associated with rescue.

Since their adoption by Lucent, all three have been successfully released back into the wild.

To learn more about the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre’s work or to get involved, go to