NaiKun Offshore Wind Energy Project

Client: NaiKun Wind Development Inc.

We designed and implemented a multi-stage community engagement program including public comment period management for the harmonized federal-provincial environmental review and regulatory approvals process.


What We Did

Environmental assessment consultation
First Nations engagement
Remote community engagement

Lucent Strategies provided strategic planning and advice, community relations support, report writing, media support, meeting facilitation, and developed and implemented community consultation programs for B.C.-based NaiKun Wind Development Inc. These services were provided to support project development and environmental assessment reviews for the proposed renewable energy project.

This unique project was large-scale and precedent setting, with implications for multiple First Nations, municipalities, and economic interests. Lucent’s approach was to help increase the confidence of communities and industry in our client’s planning and decision-making. We worked to provide a clear, consistent framework within which governments, agencies, stakeholders, First Nations and the public could participate.

Lucent also supported NaiKun’s work with the Council of the Haida Nation and Tsimshian Nations including community meetings, targeted communications and media relations that suited their specific interests and needs.

This multi-stage consultation program illustrates our ability to provide full-spectrum strategic planning services, including environmental and regulatory approvals, report writing and public input coordination, media support and facilitation.



The Result

NaiKun’s consultation program was successful on a number of fronts. Consultation and information sharing activities with local communities helped build a high level of community support, including residents, businesses and First Nations. High levels of participation were achieved, despite the remote communities involved. Valuable input helped to shape the design of the projects and the company’s future community engagement work.

The NaiKun Wind Project received an environmental assessment certificate from the Province of British Columbia in December 2009, within the 180-day regulatory timeline. The BC Government determined that NaiKun’s First Nations and public consultation activities allowed ample opportunities for the public and First Nations to review and comment on the proposed Project.